The Arimminum kennel is proud to present the Arimminum D litter.
Our thirty years of experience has allowed us to select over 300 samples worldwide. The mother of this litter Arimminum Carina Haff is the daughter of the famous multi-champion Jassper Maly Bysterec and Askia Slnecny ​​dvor their line has been strengthened with the line of the father of the litter Sirhaan Lupimax which carries the bloodline of multi-champion Volker Vieno Kraujo the latter rare in the population of the clc in Italy and the famous Arimminum Namanaslu a clc of excellence. This mating has been studied in detail, the only one of its kind and not repeatable to have a strong appeal on the champion Eligo z Peronowki, his descendants Arimminum and not only have positively influenced the breeding trend of today's Czechoslovakian wolfdog in Italy and abroad. Their contribution has been immense creating great samples of beauty, typical, structured and above all free from hereditary diseases. We expect puppies of a high morphological level with a balanced character and obviously in full health. Still some availability for true breed connoisseurs

NEWS 2020