The owners of the puppies from my breeding have access to the support and experienceof a breeder who breeds dogs for over 20 years.


For the year 2017 - 2018 we are planning very interesting couplings but only for the true lovers of the breed. Few litters but of exceptional quality.In recent years, the race is going very fashionable and unfortunately a lot of kennel have flourished  ... especially for commercial purposes damaging those who make a serious selection.
Morphological selection: children and grandchildren of world champions, Europeans, Czechs, Slovaks, Italians, foreign, winners of meeting of the race both Italian and of origin country.

Health screening: Exemptions until the fourth generation from dysplasia and hereditary disorders (the first breeding to test the degenerative myelopathy ).
Beware of breeders who offer puppies whose parents have not tested the degenerative myelopathy.

Selection for the character: SchH work tests, CAL, IPO, SVP, ENDURANCE TEST, ZVV.

What distinguishes the breeding Arimminum from others are the results: FCI CENTENARY CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS Over 200 Championships of Beauty in the world. Prices are equivalent to those of the other herds, because we are not traders but true lovers of the breed.

For a breeder talk about the results but at least those obtained in the previous 15 years, which means the seriousness and above all the quality of the subjects in time!

Our lines are used by the majority of European and American breeders.

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